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Love Generation Collage About Us

Love Generation are proud to support artisans and craftswomen from far-off exotic lands.  These are one-of-a-kind, timeless designs interwoven with tapestries of love stories. Join us!

We celebrate vintage tribal arts, whimsical designs and distant lands.  We hope to enrich lives with our mantra of showcasing the best of traditional artisanship combined with contemporary chic design and the highest quality of workmanship.

Created by  free-spirited women artisans, these unique objects of wearable art enrich the lives of like-minded women everywhere who love bohemian creativity. Our hand crafted objects are already scarce and our search for them is taking us even further off the grid. Their value is in their unique rich heritage, and we are passionate about travelling to the ends of the earth to bring you these rare treasures. 

buddhist monk in Thailand

Our pieces are not mass produced and you won't find our designs in mainstream fashion stores. Some of our repurposed fabrics are over 90 years old and have been lovingly passed down through generations of families who are handing these objects onto you.

Support our craftsmen and their families by sharing in our stories of how and where our items are finely crafted. Connect with our artists through our photos and stories on our blog and social. We welcome new members and love hearing your dreams and aspirations.