Meet Our Artists

Bagan temple Photo

We are so proud to introduce you to the world of our artisans. Join us in the journey to romantic and mysterious lands to uncover the best in hand crafted objects of art. We believe in supporting smaller, local artisans and business women who combine the best of traditional and contemporary design with the highest quality of workmanship. 

Unique One-Of-A-Kind Bags from the hill tribes of Laos, Cambodia, Burma & Thailand.

Our bags are hand-crafted from embroidered fabric sourced from vintage tribal baby-carriers and ceremonial costumes. Most of our fabric is Hmong in origin and some pieces are up to ninety years old. These original pieces were lovingly created, worn and passed down from mother to daughter over generations.  We in turn have re-created brand new 'wearable-art' bags, and it is our desire that they too will be  treasured and shared with love.

Vintage Tribal Jewellery from Jaisalmer, India

Love Generation has been so lucky to source our range of vintage silver and precious stone pendants and rings from an acknowledged master gold and silversmith in the fabled, near-mythical city of Jaisalmer, India. For nine generations, the family has produced palace-appointed head jewellers for the maharaja of Jaisalmer.


The latest son to inherit this role has accumulated a collection of silver and precious stone pieces from local tribes. There is none better than him to attest to the purity of the silver and stones.

Traditionally worn on simple cotton bands that have decayed with time, the pendants have been re-presented. Unquestionably, the combination of tribal pendants and the purist of genuine sandalwood beads from Mysore have produced pieces that are simply timeless.

Jaisalmer jewellery

Precious and semi-precious stones include turquoise, amber, red coral, agate and lapis lazuli.

Homewares from India

Hand Dyeing Fabric in India

Our hand block-printed textiles which make up our home furnishings and selected fashions are created in Rajasthan, India. They are like no other.  Each and every piece is hand printed using hand-carved wood blocks with natural vegetable dyes and 100% Indian cotton. And each piece is part of an utterly limited design run, never to be repeated.

What you buy now will not be available again. They exude the romance and allure of desert palaces and balmy, scented nights. New hand-chiselled wood blocks are created for each new print design. These in themselves take days to create.

The attention to detail is intimidating to an outsider - aligning the print, overlaying of colours, the preparation of the natural vegetable dye inks, the fickle role of the seasons and the weather on drying times and on final pigmentation.

Indian cotton artisans at work

Watching the process is both absorbing and meditative - there’s music in what these artisans create - the cotton is the finest 100% Indian cotton - in fact everything (the blocks, the dyes, the cotton) is all as natural as it’s been for generations on end (as are the processes unchanged over those generations) - all pre-washed so no colour runs if washed in cool water (30 degrees or below).  Given the hand-crafted process and complete absence of any mechanisation, there may be ever so slight variations in the print between each piece - this is part of their charm.

Essential Oils from Mysore, India

essential oils

Love Generation has partnered with a family of masters in the art and alchemy of essential oils.  For four generations, since 1936, from Persia to Mysore, the family has passed their secrets down from father to son.

Love Generation Essential Oils are like no other oil you will find.  They are absolutely pure, potent and concentrated and, unlike many oils, completely undiluted by alcohol or carrier oils.